Automotive is a billion dolar economic sector with high competition, therefore the companies invest lots of money to make themselfes one step ahead from other companies. For instance, with augmented reality application, Ferrari can configure models’ colors, trims, accessories in showrooms and present to customers. By this way, customers can see configured version of car and have better idea what they will order.

Other company is Fiat that about to start to use augmented reality. Fiat is planning to use augmented reality in their showroom for configuring models and presenting customers.

Augmented reality has other applications in automotive sector. For example, Hyundai has released an augmented reality application as a user manual of one of model. With this application user can learn some procedures (changing tires, engine meaintenance, etc.) in virtual 3d world.

Contemporarily, the customers can see limited colors and configurations of automobile models when they go to the showroom. Because, the companies can show their all models in showroom, but it is not possible to show all colors and configuration of all these models. With augmented reality, ultra high quality and 1:1 size 3d model of car can be presented to the customer in all available colors and configuration.

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